Thursday, 8 November 2018



On Wednesday we went to the movies on Wednesday it was so funny because we watched a movie girls don't fart. Next on the movie the miah pulled out a fat fart and it stunk at the basketball court and her friends were so embrassed at her and her friends pointed at her and she laughed and the boys laughed aswell they played happily after and they all played on park .

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

end of term

end of term 

Yay the last week of school l cant wait till Friday comes around. I have big plans for the holidays. Im gonna go to Gisbourne to my sisters house I'm going to help them pick grapes at there vineyard. I've never picked grapes before should be really interesting. I wonder how many buckets of grapes I will fill.Hopefully it will be lots of fun. Hope everyone else has a super holiday I know that I will. Happy holidays all.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018



I love scratch because it has fortnite and sky ninja those are my two favourite games on scratch. Nextly I like scratch because you can create your own game so cool. Nextly I like scratch because it is the best online and because you can play games you like.Nextly what I like about scratch is that you can create your own character and your own game. 

Scratch is cool,amazing

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

2018 Fabian

Bye Bye 2017 and I will welcome you to 2018!!!

2018 is the new years hi guys it me Fabian my blog is about positive comments and about respecting your teachers in class and never answer back your teacher.My favorite program is WWE because it is got so much power action and fly moves.My favourite thing to do outside is play scoeer and play rugby.Take care of Ruapotaka school and take care of your family.   

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What is a disaster

What is a Disaster

An disaster is like a tsunami.  A Disaster is something awful happening to the world.A is like a volcano that explodes with magma,gas,lava,and lava rocks.A Disaster is something like a Tornado that spins like a twister.

What is a Tsunami
Tsunami is a big wave that hits the city and it is a big wave that destroys the town.Hurricanes are like tough weather because a Hurricane is when water rises from a hurricane.

First Aid Kit
A First aid kit with medicine, canned food, bottles of water, plasters, bandages, panadol and long life milk.


Merry Christmas is a time that you spend time with  your family.Christmas day is when santa comes and gives you presents.Christmas Day is when you  when you eat cookies with your family and you have yummy chocolate fudge cake with your family.Christmas Time when people put their presents by the christmas tree  and other people come to take the presents that put by the christmas tree.On Christmas day you can do secret santa about someone at school at home or at a different country.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My comment is a quality comment because I started with a greeting.I shared what part of the movie I
enjoyed.I asked a question?Yeah! Thanks Mrs!